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★ The Professionals (기술자들)
★ Battle of Yeon-pyeong (연평해전)
Anonymous: Is there hyunwoo's schedule given anywhere? A link or something pleasss

Nope. No one provides updates of Hyunwoo’s schedule :x

Chilsung Cider ads: Jin Se Yeon & Lee Hyun Woo
140905 UNIONBAY's photoshoot making for Fall 2014
140903 UNIONBAY's photoshoot making for Fall '14 (Kim So Hyun focus)
140904 Greeting video for Chuseok from 'Battle of Yeonpyeong' casts


[INFO] Unionbay will release the making of video for the Fall 2014 photoshoot once the official facebook page reaches 3,000 likes! 

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