[INFO] Lee Hyun Woo, Kim Mu Yeol & Jin Goo are confirmed for the movie ‘연평해전’ (Battle of Yeonpyeong)


Battle of Yeonpyeong is about the battle between South Korean and North Korean patrol frigates that took place in 2002. It is a story of young soldiers who demonstrates courage and sense of responsibility for the Republic of Korea. Lee Hyun Woo will be playing as a Medic, Park Dong Hyeok. Filming will start by the end of July and movie will be released in 2015.

Anonymous: do you think lee hyun woo and jang saebom are really friends? because there is one photo evidence wherein they wore similar clothing style.

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140630 - Instagram - Lee Hyun Woo

#부산 #기술자들 #SimSimHaDa #배고파 #화이팅 #이현우 http://instagram.com/p/p24YAwGXc-/

#Busan #The Professionals #SimSimHaDa (T/N: Bored) #Hungry #Hwaiting #Lee Hyun Woo http://instagram.com/p/p24YAwGXc-/

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Anonymous: this is not quite related to hyunwoo but who is "Han_Bling" ? i see that they are together quite often. & do u have a picture of hyunwoo's sister...? thank you

Han_Bling is the actor Han Bo Reum. She is pretty close with Lee Hyun Woo because she is under the same agency (KeyEast) as Lee Hyun Woo. As for Lee Hyun Woo’s sister, I have not seen pictures of her myself, however there is a picture of Hyunwoo and his sister when they were little (here).

140627 - Twitter - Lee Hyun Woo

Long time no see** #이현우 #너무너무너무너무너무오랜만 #날씨좋다 #더워근데 pic.twitter.com/YeSg4MIz5y




Long time no see** #Lee Hyun Woo #It has really really really really really really been a long time #the weather is good #but it’s hot pic.twitter.com/YeSg4MIz5y

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Anonymous: 이현우 & 장새봄 .... ? please tell me its not true ㅠㅠㅠ

Ok, before I answer this question, I’ll make a short and quick explanation for those who have not heard about this rumor.

Recently, there had been rumors going around the internet saying that Lee Hyun Woo and Jang Sae Bom (from Dancing9) are in a relationship. Nitizens compiled evidences from their SNS to prove their relationship and posted it on online communities and it spread like a wildfire.

HOWEVER. Today, Lee Hyun Woo’s agency, KeyEast Entertainment, had stated (here) that they are only close friends, and definitely not dating. As you can see from the picture of them on the beach, one would definitely suspect that they were on a date. But actually there were also other Hyunwoo’s friends that came along with them so it can’t be a date. They were probably just having fun together on the beach as friends~

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