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★ 2015 The Technicians
★ 2015: Battle of Yeon-pyeong (연평해전)
Lee Hyun Woo's Campus Circle for UNIONBAY (2014 FALL)

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새로운 도약. 준비. 기대. 움츠리다. 애벌레 고치 ->


New leap. Preparation. Expectation. Shrink. A caterpillar cocoon ->

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[★] Apply to be an admin and/or translator!

Hello everyone! It will be a bit difficult for me to continually manage this blog alone therefore I decided to hire an admin (or two) to help me update and also a fluent Korean speakers to add as a translator at leehyunwooday! If you are interested please continue reading!~

Requirements for admin:

  • Willing to devote hours of your life to update leehyunwooday
  • Know how to handle the blog professionally (tagging, crediting, etc.)
  • Familiar with Korean search engines (naver/nate/daum/etc.)

Recommended: Know at least a little bit of Korean (able to read Hangul) and have a lot of knowledge on Lee Hyun Woo to answer questions.

Requirements for translator:

  • Fluent in both Korean and English
  • Familiar with Korean search engines (naver/nate/daum/etc.)
  • Have previous experience in translating before

If you think you are qualified and got what it takes, then please fill out this application here

Thank you and good luck to those people applying! Since there is no deadline for this application, only the first three people (two left) to send their application will be contacted. These three people will be monitored for a while before they are officially added as an admin. So please, apply quickly to get your spot! :) Thank you once again and hope you all have a leehyunwooday ♥

P.S. If you got any questions, please feel free to leave a message here, preferably off anonymous.

Lee Hyun Woo Interview for UNIONBAY (2014 Fall)

[News] Lee Hyun Woo endorses Chinese search engine ‘Sogou’

Actor Lee Hyun Woo has been chosen as the model for the Chinese search engine ‘Sogou’!

His label revealed, “Through his dramas ‘To the Beautiful You' and the movie 'Secretly, Greatly’, Lee Hyun Woo has been getting very popular in China and has been gaining many fans. He has been newly chosen as the model for ‘Sogou’, a largely influential search engine on both the PC and mobile in China.

Sogou said, “Hallyu stars’ influence in the Chinese market is continuously increasing. Lee Hyun Woo is rising as a new Hallyu star like our current model Kim Soo Hyun, and he has many young fansi n China, so we chose him as our new model. With our model Lee Hyun Woo, Sogou Search will increase our young and trendy brand image, and also increase our brand influence to the younger generations.

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